Smarter Than Ever Before.

From the latest movies and trending music to your favorite boxsets, your Toshiba TV has got it all. The top streaming apps built in as standard – up to date and ready to go. Plus, with our Android and Toshiba Connect ranges you can explore more, whether you want to check the weather, search recipes or play your favorite music. Simply choose between Google Assistant or Alexa.

Your Daily Needs Matter

Our home Solutions are designed, engineered, and manufactured with uncompromising attention to the details that matter most to our consumers. We strive to deliver crafted breakthrough home solutions with heartfelt details that make a big difference.

Innovating Comfort And Sustainability.

An air conditioner is a real asset – fresh air and optimum temperatures provide us with a proper sense of wellbeing. TOSHIBA air conditioners can give you that same feeling in your home. With our efficient and environmentally friendly solutions, your quality of life will improve significantly.

Toshiba’s VRF: Efficiency And Sustainability.

Toshiba’s VRF systems cater to various settings, from small to large buildings. Notable products include the SMMS-e and SHRM-e VRF systems, known for their high efficiency. Toshiba also offers chillers, air handling units, and fan coil units through CIAT. The company is committed to environmental sustainability, being the first UK air conditioning supplier to be certified as Carbon Neutral® Division. It has developed technologies to detect and manage refrigerant leaks, including the Total Refrigerant Protection and Management System. Lastly, Toshiba is dedicated to providing innovative, reliable, and efficient technology, supported by high-quality service and technical support.