Toshiba Air Conditioning offers a solution for all commercial environments including light commercial and larger commercial buildings. For small commercial premises, products are designed to deliver top performance combined with energy efficiency. For large commercial sites, advanced technology delivers super-efficient heating and cooling solutions for greater comfort and reliability.

Toshiba’s commitment to excellence drives a company-wide focus on attention to the details through every stage of the development process, from design to user field tests. Installations using our products and systems therefore feature a high standard of indoor air quality, sound levels, energy savings, and environmental awareness. So, whether your needs are for an office, block of apartments or larger commercial space, Toshiba has a wide range of air conditioning solutions to suit you.

Light Commercial

The Toshiba light commercial air conditioning range of environmentally friendly HVAC systems have been designed specifically to provide heat pump efficiency, ease of use and to meet the year-round comfort of all building occupants.

The comprehensive range of Toshiba heat pump units can be used in any application or business from retail, small offices, fast food, cafes and restaurants, entertainment, clubs and hotels and healthcare.

With varied options to suit the building type, aesthetics and limitations, heat pump installations can be sited in new premises or retrofitted to existing buildings. Modern and sleek, the ac unit blends in with its surroundings and is specifically intended to fit into the architectural fittings of commercial premises.

The Toshiba light commercial air conditioning range includes ceiling cassettes, ducted units, under-ceiling and hi-wall units, using innovative temperature control technologies to minimize energy running costs. The control panels have readable and logical buttons, for easy comfort control regardless of the outside temperature.

Featured Specifications

Toshiba VRF systems are renowned for their efficiency and performance in the HVAC industry. Here’s a concise list of key specifications to consider when choosing a Toshiba VRF system: